About us - vending machine services for workplaces

Vend Services began operating in early 2004. What we do is specialize in providing workplaces with suitable vending machine services that are installed for no cost or obligation. We have many local vending machine owner operators available now in most areas of Australia, who have reliable vending machines, vend a wide range of products, are price competitive and of course provide a regular refilling service.

With so many different vending machines options available, we are sure to be able to supply a suitable vending machine service for most workplaces.

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About us - vending machine site locating services

Vend Services has been providing site locations for vending machine owner operators since early 2004. What we do is specialize in sourcing suitable site locations for most types of vending machines including combination drink and snack, soft drink, snack food, coffee and candy. Our methods of obtaining site locations for vending machines include in person door to door canvassing and telemarketing.

Our site location services are available for most areas of Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth as well as many country areas.

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