Site locating services - FAQ

"What type of vending machines do you find sites for?"

What we do is specialize in sourcing suitable site locations for most types of vending machines including combination drink and snack, soft drink, snack food, coffee and candy vending machines. Our aim is to provide vending machine site locations that are best suited for your type of vending machines.

"How do you find site locations for vending machines?"

We source vending machine site locations either by in person door to door canvassing or by telephone telemarketing. What we do is canvass for workplaces and businesses in your local area that will suit your type and size of vending machine. Generally in person door to door canvassing is more successful and effective than telemarketing.

"What type of vending machine site locations do you find?"

The type of vending machine site locations we source could include workplaces such as offices, factories, warehouses and retail outlets such as shops, takeaways, car yards, etc. Most workplaces will have vending machines installed for their staff convenience, while retail outlets may want you to pay a commission. Places such as public hospitals, schools, universities, shopping centre's, railway stations and airports are usually only available by offer of tender and after the current tender expires.

"Do you supply service agreements for each site location purchased?"

For each vending machine to be installed we will provide a written and signed vending machine service agreement that will include such details as business name, address, phone no, contact name, number of staff, business or access hours, initial vend prices and where the vending machine is to be placed.

"Can you offer a sales guarantee for any site location purchased?"

We do not guarantee sales performance for any site location as many different factors can effect vending machine sales such as selections available, quality of goods dispensed, reliability of vending machine and regularity of refills etc.

"How much does a it cost to find locations for my vending machines?"

For details on site locating costs please complete the site locating quote form.

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